A Message from the President

"Mount Mary University is a gem that sparkles with the potential to change lives for the better."

Christine Pharr, Ph.D.
President of Mount Mary University

I am tremendously pleased that my opportunity to lead Mount Mary as the twelfth President has begun. Over the six months since I accepted this position I have visited campus multiple times, talked to faculty, staff and students and read all that I can about the University. I studied Mount Mary’s academic and co-curricular programs, its facilities and how it lives out its mission. I have visited and participated in classes in session. I have observed the combination of the best of disciplinary theory and practice delivered with outstanding educational pedagogy.

All of this has confirmed for me the exceptional quality of Mount Mary University. The strong student retention provides evidence of the extensive guidance and assistance provided to students at this impressive institution. I have learned that students attending Mount Mary are prepared for more than a job; through an education of the whole person they are finding meaning and purpose in their lives and work. Following in the footsteps of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, Mount Mary is leading the way for women of all demographics to discover and achieve their greatest potential.

As I look to the future I am inspired to build upon Mount Mary’s strengths in collaboration with the extraordinary talent of our faculty, staff and trustees. I am committed to growing our Creative Campus, to implementing our new Food Science program and the Nursing 1-2-1 partnership with MATC as well as developing other new programmatic options that will meet local, regional and national employment needs.

To our alumnae I say thank you for your inspiring accomplishments and contributions to society. To future students, please know that Mount Mary University is a gem that sparkles with the potential to change lives for the better … very possibly your life! Please come visit the campus and see for yourself.

I am so glad to be at Mount Mary. I look forward to the transformative, education adventures to come!

Christine Pharr, Ph.D.
Mount Mary University's 12th President

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Catholic institutions lead in educating women

Dr. Pharr describes a significant difference between Catholic versus public higher education: “every private school which I have attended, or in which I have worked, had a mission statement regularly referenced by students, faculty, and staff.” She explains that beyond the community investing in its mission, there are sometimes physical places, but often more times of respite, reflection and prayer.

And it's because of a strong sense of mission that she finds Mount Mary University to be a fit with her experience and values. Dr. Pharr believes that her faith is deeply embedded in her leadership and strives to model this every day. “My reasoning about the importance of this embedded mission is that if we are to assist students in the importance of finding meaningfulness, might we not first model that at the institutional level?”

How to advance the mission at Mount Mary

Dr. Christine Pharr

The mission of Mount Mary comes from the School Sisters of Notre Dame, which really has to do with the education of women and trying to serve the needs of the underserved. I want Mount Mary to be sensitive to the needs of Milwaukee and the surrounding areas.

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Dr. Christine Pharr

A mentor leads to success in your career field

Dr. Pharr credits a Sister at her undergraduate institution with not only with impacting her desire to major in chemistry and biology but also serving as a valued role model. “She really invested in students and helped them prepare not only for a career but also to be a great person,” Pharr says.

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If we wish for the intellectual discussions in the classroom to take deep root in students and to influence their choices in work and life, then we must develop and require educational experiences that strongly impact students' hearts as well as their minds.

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Dr. Christine Pharr