2015 Awardees
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Madonna Medal and Tower Award


Nomination Requirements for the Madonna Medals and Tower Award 2016

Completed nominations consists of the following materials:

  • The nomination form and a letter of recommendation to be completed in full by the nominating party.

Nominations will be accepted March 1, 2016 - April 15, 2016. Incomplete nominations will not be considered. Additional supporting materials will be detailed in a letter to the nominee and must be submitted no later than May 15, 2016, for award consideration.

The Madonna Medal represents the highest honor bestowed upon a graduate by Mount Mary University and the Alumnae Association. Awards are given to graduates who clearly demonstrates a long standing commitment to their profession or volunteerism as evidenced by outstanding and unique accomplishments that separate them from their colleagues. Awards are given to highlight their accomplishments in one of three areas: Professional Excellence, Community Service or Service to the University and/or the Alumnae Association. Completed nominations remain in consideration for three years, after which time a candidate may be re-nominated for another three year cycle with current updates. A Madonna Medal recipient may be given no more than one award in each category.

The Tower Award for Excellence recognizes up to two alumnae annually who have graduated within the past 15 years. The award honors graduates who have distinguished themselves from their colleagues. They have shown excellence and great potential in their future work and volunteerism. Completed nominations remain in consideration for three years after which time a nominee may be re-nominated for another three year cycle up to their fifteenth year post graduation with current updates.

Nominees for these awards are also nominated based upon honoring and upholding the values of Mount Mary University: competence, community, compassion, and commitment. Nominations may come from any nominator who is aware of the nominee’s accomplishments. Incomplete nominations will not be considered. Awards are conferred at Alumnae Awards Night during the annual university homecoming weekend. Acceptance of the award requires attendance at the ceremony.