Michelle expects to be only the 14th occupational therapist in Trinidad and Tobago.
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Michelle Roberts Cunningham

Michelle Roberts Cunningham, a mother of four from Trinidad and Tobago, left her home and family to pursue Occupational Therapy, a profession sorely lacking in her country.

She chose OT at Mount Mary because of our holistic way of looking at human beings – psychologically, physically, mentally and cognitively. This same philosophy inspired her to get involved with the Women’s Leadership Institute after attending one of our Voices of Leadership events. She was “in awe” of our presenter, Jessica Jackley, and how much hearing one woman’s story motivated her.

Now a Student Advocate for the WLI, Michelle believes in the importance of empowering women to make a difference. She’s well positioned to do just that: when she returns home, she expects to be only the 14th occupational therapist in a country of over 1.3 million people, and she hopes to continue helping to fill this need in innovative ways.