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Pre-baccalaureate Certificate in Peacebuilding

The peacebuilding pre-baccalaureate certificate offers students a unique specialization in handling conflict situations, developing appropriate strategies to respond to conflict and understanding the influence of values, beliefs and goals on problem solving and peacebuilding.

Lila Saavedra

Lila Saavedra

Peacebuilding Certificate

"My experience behind my Peace building certificate has played a huge role in my career working in the community and with young girls in grades K5-5th grade. I am able to teach the youth how to manage and resolve conflict in their everyday life through a positive light by building healthy relationships. I have worked with the youth in building conflict resolution skills and learning how to handle conflict within their communities and amongst their peers rather it be through mediation and/or peace circles."

Peacebuilding curriculum—This interdisciplinary certificate provides multiple perspectives for dealing with conflict situations from the interpersonal to the international levels. Courses cover topics such as:

  • community development
  • conflict analysis
  • conflict resolution and mediation
  • Biblical understandings of social justice
  • environmental conflict
  • interpersonal communication
  • moral and ethical decision-making
  • restorative justice
  • strategic peacebuilding
  • world literature
  • world religions

Peacebuilding careers—The peacebuilding certificate combined with a bachelor’s degree prepares you for careers in humanitarian service, conflict intervention, dispute resolution and community development. You also could pursue graduate study in peacebuilding, conflict transformation or peace studies. Most peacebuilding career opportunities require a master’s degree or a law degree.

Peacebuilding student activities—We encourage you to participate in the Shalom Club, a student organization focused on peace and environmental topics. Additionally, peacebuilding certificate students are eligible to win the Ella Baker Peacebuilding Award, a book prize awarded each May to a junior or senior.

Certificate Requirements

A certificate in peacebuilding requires a minimum of 19 credits of coursework and 30 hours of community service at an approved site. Study abroad and language study are encouraged, but not required.

Whether or not you already have a bachelor's degree you can pursue this certificate, but you must meet all of the undergraduate admission requirements of the university. The certificate can be completed without enrollment in a major or it can be used to complement a major already in process.

Consult the Undergraduate Bulletin (PDF) and Curriculum Guides for more details on requirements and courses for this certificate. Learn more about the School of Social Sciences, Business and Education.

Take the Next Step

To learn more about the peacebuilding pre-baccalaureate certificate program, contact the Admission Office.

You can apply online using the Undergraduate Special Student Application, if you plan to pursue only this certificate. If you plan to pursue a bachelor’s in addition to this certificate, apply online using the Undergraduate Freshman or Transfer Application. If you are a current student, contact the sociology/behavioral sciences chairperson or your faculty adviser with questions.