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Master of Science in Counseling

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PED Talk

Terri Jashinsky, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Graduate Program in Counseling, focuses on creative and practical strategies to maximize learning from the experience of others (guest speakers, outings, etc.) in the classroom environment. The benefits, challenges, and methods of assessing student learning from these experiences will are presented in "Inviting Real Life Into the Classroom: Enriching Student Learning Through the Experience of Others."

Create the next step in your career with a Master of Science in Counseling degree from Mount Mary University. You can choose to pursue one of three counseling concentrations: clinical mental health counseling (CACREP accredited), clinical rehabilitation counseling and school counseling.

Mount Mary’s coed counseling graduate program participates in the National Board for Certified Counselors’ National certification program, the Graduate Student Administration – National Counselor Certification Examination (GSA-NCC Exam). The NCC credential is the only master’s level, professional counselor certification you can apply for while enrolled in college. Counseling students enrolled at Mount Mary attend one of only five Wisconsin institutions whose students are eligible to earn the NCC credential through this program.

Mount Mary’s Master of Science in Counseling features:

  • Courses that prepare you to become a Licensed Professional Counselor, Substance Abuse Counselor, licensed school counselor, or to receive a certificate in trauma counseling
  • Flexible class schedules with full-time and part-time study options
  • Knowledgeable instructors who are actively engaged in the counseling profession
  • Opportunities for employment at hospitals, nursing homes, family service organizations, hospices, schools, prisons, shelters, mental health clinics, substance abuse facilities and other clinical settings
  • Small class sizes that make interaction with fellow classmates and faculty easier
  • CACREP accreditation for the concentration in Clinical Mental Health

If you already hold a master’s degree in counseling, consider our post-master’s in counseling program.

Latoya Sims

Latoya Sims

Clinical Mental Health Counseling ’12

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“I chose Mount Mary for its reputation of producing competent counselors and helping professionals. My experience as a student working with the homeless population has helped me to develop compassion and understanding.”

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