Doctorate of Art Therapy
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Professional Doctorate of Art Therapy

For art therapists who are passionate about their careers and want to advance into new areas of expertise, Mount Mary University offers the first practice-focused terminal degree in the United States.

The professional doctorate of art therapy program prepares credentialed art therapists to deepen and translate passions, artistry and knowledge into valuable competencies above those of master’s level professionals. At Mount Mary, you will benefit from a low-residency program with a rigorous and integrated curriculum that develops artistic identity along with applied social advocacy, participatory and critical research.

Through Mount Mary’s professional doctorate program you will become a creative leader who can: 

  • Excel in a complex world as a master art therapist in today’s rapidly changing teaching, research and healthcare systems.
  • Advance practice-based research and artistic inquiry that arises from a community of concern and contributes to new knowledge and practices.
  • Commit to transformative action that will shape the next generation of art therapy ideas, theories and practice.
  • Integrate social conscience and personal development values into a solid professional identity as an artist-therapist, artist-scholar and practitioner-researcher.
  • Become a change agentwith innovative skills to impact the societal, organizational and nontraditional environments where art therapists work.
  • Acquire critical and ethical competencies to deal with society’s increasingly complex roles and challenges.

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