The communication major at Mount Mary University helps you develop practical skills and knowledge about effective communication methods, strategies and techniques. The curriculum allows you to choose courses that match your career interests.

All communication majors are required to complete an internship and complete a capstone project that includes preparation of a professional portfolio and a social justice project.

Admission & Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

The credits required for a Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree depends the area of concentration that you choose. You also must complete the university’s core curriculum requirements. All courses are taught by faculty, not by teaching assistants. See the communication curriculum sheet.

Complete degree requirements and a listing of courses are available in the Undergraduate Bulletin (PDF).

Some academic programs require a GPA higher than what is required for general admission to Mount Mary University. Contact your admission counselor for more information.

Choose from Three Areas of Concentration

All areas of concentration require courses in communication theory and research and campaign development.

You can select a course of study in one of three areas of concentration:

Communication Studies (37-38 credits)—This concentration prepares you for careers requiring contact with people such as speaking before audiences, giving small group presentations, interacting with clients and coworkers, working on teams and more.

Courses in this area cover interpersonal and intercultural communication, writing for new media, organizational communication, video production, persuasive communication, crisis communication and small group communication.

Health Communication (39-41 credits)—This concentration prepares you for a career for communication work in the healthcare industry. Courses in this area cover communication fundamentals as well as obesity and chronic illness communication, gender communication, health psychology and theological ethics of health care. 

Public Relations (41-42 credits)—This concentration includes courses from the English, graphic design and business administration programs to prepare you for careers in public relations. Courses cover topics such as mass media, public relations, crisis communication, strategic public relations management, writing for the Web and print, digital photography, video production and marketing.

Communication Minor Requirements

A communication minor is an excellent addition to any major. You can gain communication skills and expertise—important for any profession. You also have the flexibility to choose from all communication courses to model your minor with your professional interests and goals.

A minimum of 20 credits in communication courses is required for this minor. Consult the Undergraduate Bulletin (PDF) for more details on requirements and courses for this minor.

Communication Student Learning Outcomes

Mount Mary’s communication program provides students with a broad base of communication skills to enter communication-related careers, as well as the ability to critically engage in the public arena and ultimately use those communication skills to advance social justice locally, national and internationally.

Students in the communication program will:

  • Understand multiple theoretical perspective and intellectual underpinnings in communication as reflects in its philosophy and history;
  • Appreciate effective communication with multicultural diverse audiences;
  • Present in various forms and contexts;
  • Analyze and interpret contemporary media and its impact on the individual and society;
  • Analyze discourse intended to influence beliefs, attitudes, values and practices;
  • Analyze and practice ethical communication;
  • Understand human relational interaction; and
  • Analyze communication that creates or results from complex social organization.