LOTUS:  Legal Options for Trafficked and Underserved Survivors

What is LOTUS?

  • LOTUS Legal Clinic is a non-profit legal clinic specializing in matters of victims rights and assistance to victims with other legal matters related to the criminal acts that have harmed them
  • LOTUS provides a comprehensive case-by-case evaluation and plan for assistance, based on the client’s own goals for the short and long term. 
  • LOTUS exists to help victims evaluate their legal options in circumstances related to their victimization. 
  • LOTUS is the first clinic in Wisconsin that focuses on victims of crimes, broadly, and trafficking victims in particular. 

Who and how do we help?

LOTUS serves victims of any crime, violent or non-violent, from any jurisdiction in Wisconsin.  

  • Assistance in exercising constitutional rights
  • Day-to-day problems that cross over into law-housing and employment
  • Assistance sealing records related to criminal acts victims were forced to commit by their traffickers
  • Legal options for maintaining privacy

As rights of victims evolve and are made into law, LOTUS will help victims assert those rights. LOTUS can provide feedback to the lawmakers and leaders who need to know what victims experience and how policy decisions impact victims of crime.


Clients do not pay for services of the clinic’s coordinator and volunteers. LOTUS services are offered by a coordinator, student interns, law students, and volunteer attorneys from the community. We also work with our community partners, such as the Milwaukee County and Waukesha County Courts, National Crime Victim law Institute, Community Prosecutors and Assistant District Attorneys, City of Milwaukee, Sojourner Family Peace Center and the Family Justice Center Alliance.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive assistance to victims of crime, whether it be protecting constitutional rights of victims, or assisting with other legal or advocacy matters.

Support & Volunteers

LOTUS gratefully accepts monetary and in-kind donations. We also accept volunteers in many roles, since the needs of clients relate to jobs, family needs, social support, and health.

Learn More 

  • Read about LOTUS in the Association for Women Lawyers newsletter.
  • Read what the Wisconsin Bar Association has to say about sexual violence and human trafficking issues in the state.
  • Listen to an interview with faculty members Rachel-Monoco Wilcox and Ann Angel discussing Mount Mary's writing workshop for survivors of trafficking and sexual assault.
  • Read about the continued effort against human trafficking in Wauwatosa Now.


For more information on LOTUS, contact the clinic coordinator at 262-365-3251 or LOTUSLegalClinic@gmail.com. If you have a legal matter and would like assistance, please call the Intake Specialist at 262-365-4809.  All mailboxes are secured and confidential.

Clinic Coordinator: 262-365-3251 (talk/text)
Clinic Intake: 262-365-4809 (talk/text)
Email: LOTUSLegalClinic@gmail.com
LOTUS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit institution under IRS regulations. EIN 47-5156371

“In time,victims who see themselves as survivors give back with their own efforts to make a difference.”

- Rachel Monaco-Wilcox, statement from Pro Bono Corner Newsletter, Milwaukee Bar Association 2013.