In keeping with Mount Mary University’s mission, the School of Arts and Design provides music, movement and dance courses as a component of the Fine Arts core by contributing to the framework of the liberal arts education and career preparation of the students. The School offers a minor in Multidisciplinary Arts as well as courses in music, movement and dance that fulfill fine arts core requirements. Students may explore topics in music, movement and dance through introductory survey courses, private and group instruction.

Music Courses to Meet the Fine Arts Curriculum

Mount Mary offers several courses in music that fulfill the university’s fine arts core curriculum requirement, including:

  • Experiencing Music
  • The American Musical
  • American popular music
  • Music Cultures of the World
  • Women in Music
  • Piano classes
  • Guitar class
  • Ukulele class

Music Ensembles

Mount Mary University Gospel Choir—This singing group joins voices in a chorus that exemplifies a truly American tradition. The choir is open to all Mount Mary students, faculty, administrators and staff, as well as to community members for credit or non-credit. No audition is required. The Gospel Choir rehearses once a week and performs for campus and community events. Contact Debra Duff for more information.

Music Events

Each year, Mount Mary hosts several musical events on campus such as:

  • spring and fall music concerts
  • faculty and guest artist concerts
  • student recitals
  • on-campus piano and instrumental auditions for area music organizations

For a complete list of upcoming events, see the University’s event calendar.

Music Lessons

Private instruction in piano and guitar are offered every semester and may be repeated. A 50-minute lesson signifies one credit. There is a lesson fee in addition to tuition for private instruction. Tuition discounts are not applicable. For information about private instruction courses in guitar or piano lesson courses, contact Barbara Henry. Consult the Undergraduate Bulletin (PDF) for details on group and private lesson courses.

Orff Schulwerk Teacher Training Program

Since 1984 Mount Mary has offered a music training program in Orff-Schulwerk for music specialists, music therapists, teachers, church musicians and independent music teachers. Course content follows the guidelines of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association (AOSA) for Teacher Training Courses. The courses are delivered through a minimum four-hour workshop each semester through the Greater Milwaukee Orff Dimensions Chapter of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association.

Contact Barbara Henry for more information.

Multidisciplinary Arts Minor

This minor combines coursework from five disciplines; 1) Music, 2) Movement and Dance, 3) Studio Art, 4) Art Therapy and 5) English - Creative Writing. Students must take a minimum of one course from three of the five disciplines excluding their own major discipline. All students must take a minimum of 9 unique credits for this minor. The University defines a unique credit is one that is not counted toward fulfilling the requirements in a student’s major course of study. The Music, Movement and Dance Department further requires that a unique credit for this minor is one that is not fulfilling credit requirements for the Fine Arts Core or another minor. Read the Undergraduate Bulletin (PDF) for course information.

Fitness Courses for Credit

Health, wellness and fitness classes offer a variety of workouts and individualized programs. Class sizes are limited to enable instructors to provide individual instruction. Courses are taught in the gymnasium in Caroline Hall.

Courses include:

  • Beginning and Basic Self-Defense for Women
  • Cardio-Aerobic Strength Training
  • Fitness I & II
  • Reduce Stress through Movement
  • Discovering Your Health by Connecting Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Yoga I & II
  • Navigate Modern Wellness
  • Pilates

Dance Association

The Dance Association is a noncredit group open to all students, faculty, alumnae and staff of Mount Mary who want to participate in movement workshops, choreography and performance. The group presents two dance concerts annually.


Mount Mary University Music, Movement and Dance faculty encourage you to explore your musical and physical talents and interests through ensembles, events, classes and other programs on campus. Meet all the faculty.