Finish your BSN in four years

The Nursing 1-2-1 Program is offered through the combined expertise, resources and courses of Mount Mary University and Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC). Students enroll into this cohort-based program to complete classes together to obtain an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), licensure as a Registered Nurse, and seamlessly move to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN), all within four years.

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Year 1 at Mount Mary University


  • MAT 105: Introductory Algebra
  • PSY 103: Introduction to Psychology
  • BIO 100: Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology
  • SYM 110: Leadership for Social Justice
  • NUR 112: Nursing Student Success Bootcamp I


  • BIO 211: Human Anatomy
  • CHE 113: General Chemistry
  • BIO 212: Human Physiology
  • ENG 110: English Composition I
  • NUR 113: Nursing Student Success Bootcamp II

Early Summer Session at Milwaukee Area Technical College

  • Nursing Assistant training
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Pre-National League of Nursing Exam (pre-NLN)

Summer at Mount Mary University

  • BIO 325: Microbiology
  • COM 205: Professional Business Presentations


Year 2 at Milwaukee Area Technical College


  • NRSAD-101 Nursing: Fundamentals
  • NRSAD-102 Nursing: Skills
  • NRSAD-103 Nursing: Pharmacology
  • NRSAD-104 Nursing: Introduction to Nursing Practice
  • SOC 10-809-106 Introduction to Sociology


  • NRSAD-105 Nursing: Health Alternations
  • NRSAD-106 Nursing: Health Promotion
  • NRSAD-107 Nursing: Clinical Care Across the Lifespan
  • NRSAD-108 Nursing: Introduction to Clinical Management
  • 10-801-202 English II

Summer Session 1 at Milwaukee Area Technical College

  • NRSAD-112 Nursing: Advanced Skills

Summer Session 2 at Mount Mary University

  • ART 115: Art Appreciation
  • SEA 101: Search for Meaning


Year 3 at Milwaukee Area Technical College


  • NRSAD-109 Nursing: Complex Health Alterations
  • NRSAD-110 Nursing: Mental Health Community Concepts
  • NRSAD-111 Nursing: Intermediate Clinical Practice
  • Economics 10-809-195
  • Fine arts elective


  • NRSAD-113 Nursing: Complex Health Alterations 2
  • NRSAD-114 Nursing: Management Concepts
  • NRSAD-115 Nursing: Advanced Clinical Practice
  • NRSAD-116 Nursing: Clinical Transition
  • English literature

Early Summer Session at Milwaukee Area Technical College

  • NCLEX-RN Review, NCLEX-RN Exam

Regular Summer Session at Mount Mary University

  • THY Theology course elective or PHI 332 Philosophy of Health
  • SPA 204: Spanish for Professionals


Year 4 at Mount Mary University


  • NUR 356: Technology and Communication
  • NUR 401: Healthcare Economics and Regulation
  • PHI 332 Philosophy of Health or THY Theology course elective, depending on previous cousework
  • MAT 208 Statistical Literacy
  • NUR 402 Nursing Care in the Community


  • NUR 310: Evidence-based Practice
  • NUR 420: Nursing Leadership I
  • NUR 485: Capstone
  • NUR 421: Nursing Leadership II
  • HIS 154 or HIS 153