Recognizing the SSND character in each other

The SSND Qualities

Creative, compassionate, and courageous are just a few of the qualities that reflect SSND values. Who do you know that is bold enough to empower others and creates a welcoming environment in their daily routine at Mount Mary University?

If any of these qualities or those listed below ignite inspiration in you or an employee at Mount Mary, now's your chance to nominate them for the SSND Heritage Medal, announced on Founders Day each year.


  • Builds community
  • Is committed to justice
  • Responds to urgent needs
  • Leads with integrity
  • Is a hope-filled presence
  • Empowers others
  • Promotes the dignity of others
  • Is committed to excellence in whatever task is at hand

Past Recipients

2000—Jim Conlon and Jean Larson
2001—Kathleen Buse, Phyllis Carey and Agnes Clover
2002—Ginny Hefter and Susan Seiler
2003—Mary Neary and Kristi Siegel
2004—Laurel Privatt and Karen Siegel
2005—Mary Cain and Beth Vogel
2006—Cindy Beyer and Don Rappé
2007—Beth Brown and Michael Lengyel
2008—Mary Raven and Jerry Miller
2009—Cheryl Burton, Mary Ann Suppes and Jan Weinfurt
2010—Deb Duff, Laurel End and Pam Saloun
2011—Jane Baldridge, Jennifer Looysen and Jan Moebus
2012—Beth Bacik, Deb Dosemagen and Gary Urban
2013—Kathy Hauck, Wendy Jones and Sandra Tonz
2014—Kari Inda, Liz Saffold and Wendy Weaver
2015—Marci Ocker, Donna Pierquet and Melody Todd
2016—Karen Friedlen, Lynn Kapitain and Rosella Lanier

Eligible Staff, Faculty and Administration