Meet the Admissions Staff


Breana Farrell
Undergraduate Admission Counselor
(414) 930-3387


  • B.A. Communication, UW-Milwaukee
  • M.S. Administrative Leadership, UW-Milwaukee

Favorite part of my job:

My favorite part of my job is meeting new students and helping them through every step of their journey! I’m excited that I get to work alongside students and support them in whatever way I can.

The best thing about Mount Mary is...

The people! Mount Mary is full of passionate, caring, and bold individuals. They all help to create a distinct community and learning environment on-campus.

In Milwaukee, you have to check out…

All of the neighborhoods. Milwaukee is full of small, eclectic neighborhoods that each bring their own sense of community and pride to the city. Each neighborhood has its own charm, whether it’s the hidden swing park under Holton Bridge or a shopping excursion in the Third Ward, you’ll always find something to do!

What does "Mount Mary Creates" mean to you?

Mount Mary Creates” to me means creating well-rounded individuals who are ready to take on and lead a changing global community. Mount Mary Creates talented, creative, and confident change makers.