Transferring to Mount Mary from Holy Family College

Mount Mary University is saddened by the loss of its colleague school, Holy Family College, and is committed to doing everything possible to assist these students in continuing their education at a comparable, mission-based institution.

Mount Mary and Holy Family College share similar roots and identities. Mount Mary University, founded by the School Sisters of Notre Dame in 1913, has remained faithful to Catholic traditions by adapting a teaching philosophy that recognizes each student as a reflection of God’s image. A curriculum-wide emphasis on social justice also represents the university’s commitment to Catholic social teaching

Teach Out Agreemeent

Through Mount Mary's Teach-Out Agreement with Holy Family College:

  • Advisors will work with students to create individualized plans for transferring credits
  • Students will recieve comparable financial aid packages.
  • Application fees will be waived.
  • Students are promised the same time to completion.

Why Choose Mount Mary

  • Mount Mary prides itself on its extremely tight-knit campus community where faculty, students and staff know one another by name.
  • Ensuring student success is at the heart of Mount Mary’s mission, which is accomplished through a variety of support services that cater to each student’s individual needs.
  • Mount Mary professors and staff work closely with their students to match them with meaningful professional experiences, including internships and study abroad opportunities.
  • The university is deeply committed to creating an inclusive atmosphere for students from all backgrounds. Mount Mary’s rich diversity – with 58% of undergraduate students identifying as women of color – greatly enhances the conversations and community built on campus.

Our Admission Counselors

If you're thinking about transferring to Mount Mary, our friendly admission counselors are here to make your transition as smooth as possible. They look forward to hearing from you!

Andrea Kurtz

Andrea Kurtz
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions

(414) 930-3285
(Students with last names L-Z)


Antje Streckel
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions

(414) 930-3468
(Students with last names A-K)

Mount Mary rewarded me for the hard work I had already put into my education. I was able to choose a concentration in my major that made my transfer virtually stress-free, and actually quite exciting.

Samantha Albert '19

Samantha Albert