The Power of OnlynessThe online book club provides a way for the Mount Mary community to engage in a thought provoking discussion and continue learning beyond the classroom, when and wherever it is convenient for them. Each week during the series, our moderator will provide questions related to the book's content to help stimulate discussion. Outside of the guided discussions, participants are encouraged to comment, chat, and have their own organic conversations.

The selected book will be "The Power of Onlyness" by Nilofer Merchant. Nilofer is the keynote speaker for the Voices of Leadership program on April 2 at Mount Mary.

Join us to learn about the three key aspects of onlyness -- identifying your unique sense of self and the ideas that can spring only from you, how your unique ideas can connect you to a community of like minds, and then how to galvanize that community to make your idea powerful enough to make a positive dent in the world.


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