Sister Janet Abbacchi SSND
Aileen Ryan Trust
JoAnn J. Aiman
Lucille Alagna
Jo Anna and Kenneth Allen
Muriel Altendorf
Alvarado Contrustion, Inc
Nancy and Terry Anderson
Sister Joan Andert SSND
Rita and Matt Andis
Suzanne and Louie Andrew
Omar and Abby Andrietsch
Anonymous (3)
Alumnae Anonymous
Mary Anne Anselmino
Kay Antoine
F. Michael and Laura Arnow
Thomas Artz
Bader Philanthropies, Inc.
Isabel Bader
Dr. Cheryl Bailey
Robert L. Baird
Dr. Rita L. Bakalars
Roselyn and Robert Baker
Estate of Nancy Balcer
Patricia and George Barfield
Barnes & Noble College Booksellers
Suzanne Barrett
Barby and Conrad Barrows
Gail and Ron Bast
Estate of Rosemary Bauer
Peter and Janet Baumler
Lois and Robert Beauchamp
Mary and John Beck
Dorothy and Joseph Becker
Jennifer Becker
Mary P. Becker
Mary JoAnn and John Beer
Stephanie and John Beisbier
Barbara Beix
Susan C. Bellehumeur
Kathleen S. Bloechl
Mary E. Bock
Virginia Bonness
Jean and David Bradford
Ann Brand
Lisa M. Breitsprecker
Ashley Brooks
Irene Brown
Eileen R. Bruckert and Jon Cech
Juanita A. Bruns
Kathleen and Robert Buettner
Catherine and Paul Burbach
Mary Burbey
Nancy and Gregory Bynan
Marie T. Campos
Marian and Michael Carroll
Nancy and James Cheski
Darleen Chiappetta
Nancie Chmielewski
Kathleen S. Choren
Chr. Hansen, Inc.
Caroline C. Clark
Dr. Marmy A. Clason
Dr. James J. Conlon
Virginia Cornyn
Merrisue A. Corris and Dane McFall
Yvonne Costello
Mary Ellen Dallman
Dalum Family Foundation
Maripat and Thomas Dalum
Erickajoy and John Daniels
Diane Davis
Roseann and William De Bot
Mary Ann Delzer
Felicia R. DeMass
DePalma Family Fund
Letitia and James DePalma
Mary Pat and Thomas DeSwarte
Kathleen Donnellan and Paul Borrmann
Dr. Debra M. Dosemagen
Marilyn Ebben
Loranne and John Ehlenbach
Elizabeth Elser Doolittle Charitable Trust
Dr. Kay M. Elsen
Carleen Eschenbach
Judith A. Eulberg
C. Elizabeth Fanning
Christine and Richard Ferrando
Mary Finger
Florence Finkler
Helen Finkler
Elizabeth and Matthew Flamm
Marcia and Thomas Flanagan
Mary and Theodore Flierl
Helen Fliss
Carolyn Foley
Gail A. Ford
Judy Foster
Dr. Karen Friedlen
Therese Frost-Kohler and Dr. Jeffery A. Kohler
Cynthia and Jeffery Garland
Catherine B. Gates
Katie and Jim Gennrich
Brenda and Richard Gibbs
Marie Gieser
Cynthia and John Gonnering
Christine Gontarek
Sandra and David Gordon
Margaret M. Gotschall
Mary R. Gramins
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
• Cecilia A Borenitsch Fund
• David C. Scott Scholarship
• Dorothy M. Mundschau Fund
• Ruth B. Fina Fund
• George and Margaret Barrock Scholarship Fund
• Gerald J. Graff and Sally A. Graff Fund
• Judith A. Keyes Family Fund
• Omnium Fund
• Silvia and Edward R. Droppers Fund
Ellen T. Greene
Patricia A. Hackworthy
Kathleen Hahn
Mary Lynn Hall
Juleen and Brent Hallgren
Mary and John Hannan
Erica-Nicole Harris
Beth Heikkila
Heather Herling
Julianne Hipskind
Mark and Janet Hogan
Samuel E. Hoke
Mary Ann Holbrock
Barbara and Donald Horack
Mary Ann Howard
Letitia and Thomas Hoye
Anne Huff
Dr. Kari C. Inda
Jo A. Jacobi and Douglas Kaempfer
James E. & John A. Keyes Family Foundation
Lisa and Jon Jansen
Mary Jeannotte
Tiia Jennaro
Jerome J. Gross and Dorothy J. Gross Fund
Jim and Danielle Gallagher Family Fund
John and Loranne Ehlenbach Foundation
Johnson Controls Foundation
Geneva Johnson
Margaret J. Johnston
Jeanne M. Jordan
David and Lynne Jorgensen
Judith M. Kaiser
Sandra Keiser
Joyce and Theodore Keller
Patricia A. Kempen
Ann Kennedy
Mary Keyes
Charles A. King
Jeanne M. Kitz
Kohl's Corporation
Dr. Mary Ellen Kohn-Buday
Mary and Kenneth Kokalj
Maria L. Kolpin
Dr. Mary Ann Konsin
Mary Ellen and William Kopetz
Nancy J. Korlesky
Bonnie Kraft
Janet Krebs
Madeleine Krebs
Linda and Roger Krogwold
David and Lynn Krutz
Margaret Kuehn
Marilyn Kupka
Maureen Lager
Mary Lee M. Lalich
Lalumiere League
Langer Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.
Scott and Antonella Larson
Gwendolyn Lavin
Mary Jo and Donald Layden
Karen Lechowich
Ida Lee
Lena Lee and Robert J. Stets
Mary Jo and Kenneth Lensmeyer
Winifred Ligda
Ann E. Line
Barbara L. Lodde
Catherine and Carl Loeser
Madeleine and David Lubar
Ann Marie Lubish
Catherine Lucas
Mary Ellen Luxem
Barbara and W. James MacGinnitie
Mary Kay Mader
Kathryn Maegli-Davis
Sally Mahoney
Catharine D. Malloy
Mathilde U. and Albert C. Elser Foundation
Mary-Jane and Mark Maurice
Estate of Mary A. McEnroe
Shirley and Philip McGuire (Riley)
Grace McKnight
Joyce McMahon
Ruth McMenamin
Diane E. McNally Tews
Maureen and Paul Mohling
Mary K. Moritz
Karen A. Morrisey
Ann B. Nattinger, M.D.
Linda Anne Nettekoven and Larry Wallack
Kathleen and Robert Noel
Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Sherry Nuszbaum
Robert O'Keefe
Kathleen and Robert Obernesser
Susan and David Ogden
Judith R. Oldridge
Carla G. Olle and Thomas P. Olle
Jane Olson
Opus Prize Foundation
Barbara A. Ostrowski
Marsha and William Owens
Pamela K. Owens
Clarice Paliatka
Monica Parry
Pauline M. Petterson
Dr. Christine and Steven Pharr
Isabel M. Piana
Pieper Electric, Inc.
Mary Beth Plane
Pochowski Family Charitable Fund
Anne and Robert Pochowski
Estate of Jerome F. Pogodzinski
Janet and F. Fred Powell
R. Jeffrey and Kasandra Preston
Susan and Dr. Stephen Ragatz
Ralph Evinrude Foundation
Roberta M. Rand
Gwenn and Richard Rausch
Donna Ricco
Riedl Trust
Janet and Steven Riehbrandt
Ritter Family Revovable Trust
Sandra Robbers
Robert W. Baird and Co., Inc.
Barbara and Richard Romano
Stephanie Russell, Ed.D.
Margaret M. Schaefer
Phyllis Scharner
Kathleen and George Schneider
Patricia R. Schneider
Yvonne Schoechert
School Sisters of Notre Dame
Carol L. Schott
Barbara and Truman Schultz
Robert Schwartz and Carol Motzel
Sister Debra Sciano SSND
Geraldine Sczygiel
Patricia Sczygiel
Susan Seidl
Joan Shafer
Linda and Craig Sherman
Retha Simmons
Mary and Joseph Skupniewitz
Therese Smith
Marilyn R. Smits, Ph.D.
Nancy and John Snyder
Kathleen and E. Grant Soltwisch
Mary Ellen and Robert Sowinski
Mary and John Splude
Patricia Spoerl
Jane and John St. Peter
Lois and James Stanek
Kelly S. Stapelman OTR
Catherine A. Starck
Mary L. Staudenmaier
Mary and Jerald Stephani
Joan M. Stephenson
Rita Ann Stevens
Marjorie and Donald Stoffield
Antoinette Substalae
Nancy Sullivan
Caroline Suycott-Crueger and Gerald Crueger
Marilyn and Thomas Swiontek
Dr. Mary P. Taugher Trust
Judith Taylor
Kathleen and David Thate
The Burke Foundation
The Pine Tree Fund
The Rotary Foundation
The Shafer Family Charitable Fund
Paula and Donald Theisen
Barbara Tillman
Diane Torke
Tosa Foundation
David Toser
Gloria Traicoff
Mary and Patrick Tyrrell
U.S. Bank Foundation
United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County
Mary L. Urlakis
Phyllis and William Utley
Vanguard Charitable
Verizon Foundation
VJS Construction Services
Beth Vogel
Betty and John Vogt
Marilyn Wagner
Waukesha County Community Foundation
• Francis Wagner
We Energies Foundation
Dr. Wendy A. Weaver
Hannelore and John Weber
David Wegener
Cynthia and John Weigel
Janice and Greg Weinfurt
Sister Sandra A. Weinke SSND
Jane Weinstein
Michael and Carol Weiss
Judith A. Westergard
Catherine Wick
Elaine and Kenneth Willis
Evonne M. Winston and Paul A. Nausieda
Christine and James Wunderlin
Mary Ann and Ronald Wunderlin
Marie and George Yamnitzky
Barbara Zagorski
Delores Ziemann
Jolie and Theodore Zimmer
Zimmerman Architectural Studio
Gary and Susan Zimmerman