The Phonathon consists of a dedicated team of student employees who call alumnae, parents and friends of the University to help raise support for academic initiatives at Mount Mary University.

Student callers reach out to alumnae to let them know of the new developments on campus as well as give them an opportunity to give back to students. Donations our student callers secure through Phonathon help enhance Mount Mary's creative culture by supporting innovative academic programs, strengthening faculty development, offering student scholarships, new technologies and learning tools and much more.

Alumnae - update your information

Our students truly love to talk to our alumnae, parents and friends, so please consider asking them a few questions and discuss what Mount Mary means to you. These students gain valuable work experience and make connections to help them succeed in their Mount Mary journey and beyond. Update your alumnae information, so we can connect.

Give online and help us reach our goal

All of our students attend Mount Mary University with help of the financial support of our donors. Please consider pledging your support again this year with your student caller. They truly appreciate and understand the need of every dollar donated to Mount Mary. Give online.

We like to have fun, too

The new version of "Ghostbusters" features an all-female lead cast. Riffing on the classic movie, as well as the new girl-powered remake, we present to you: "Who ya gonna call? Mount Mary!" starring our Phonathon student callers.