A slice of campus life

From New Student Orientation to monthly bingo, we pride ourselves on offering a surplus of on-campus activities. We’re a small, close-knit campus that values relationships and collaboration.

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The campus is but a bus ride away from downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s most vibrant and culturally diverse city. From the performing arts to art galleries as well as a variety of festivals (did you know Milwaukee is known internationally as the City of Festivals?), there’s no shortage of entertainment and employment opportunities.

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10 ways to make a difference on campus

  1. Join one of our more than 25 clubs and organizations — or start your own.
  2. Play on one of our seven Blue Angels athletics teams.
  3. Attend campus events, including lectures, performances, the Starving Artists’ Show and the annual Spring Formal.
  4. Participate in Student Government.
  5. Share your spirit with Campus Ministry.
  6. Make a joyful noise with Mount Mary’s musical ensembles.
  7. Show your creativity with our award-winning campus newspaper.
  8. Volunteer for a community service project through our Leadership for Social Justice Seminar.
  9. Enjoy community-building activities through residence life, such as Fall Extravaganza and Cocoa Mocha nights.
  10. Create new events on campus through the Programming and Activities Council (PAC).
Students Smiling

I love being able to walk down the hall and just knock on a friend's door. I mean there are always friends that I can hang out with, run an errand with....the sense of community is just lovely!

Beth Van Hammond