About your classes

Mount Mary University’s undergraduate art therapy program is a pre-professional degree program that emphasizes community building, a solid foundation in art and psychology, and competence in areas that enhance your ability to be expressive and communicate well with others.

Community building in class – At Mount Mary, you’ll be a student leader, caring friend and creative thinker. In the classroom, you’ll get to know other students and better understand yourself as you explore ideas and feelings through our arts-based curriculum.

Field experience – You will work together in community-based arts programs to obtain 150 hours of field experience in schools, art museums, churches, community art studios, elder care facilities and summer youth art programs. You also can study abroad in countries such as Peru, Nicaragua, France or Ireland to witness and become a part of art making in service within the global community.

Senior capstone project – During your senior year, you’ll design a final project that may include art, social action, research and/or poetic reflection and then share your project in a culminating presentation to the community.

Past student capstone projects have used marionettes, ceramic tile and vessel making, painting, bookmaking and sculpture to explore issues connected to veterans, victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, homosexuality, sexual abuse, poverty and hunger. Past projects also have celebrated our connection to art, nature, spirituality and each other.

Learn from experts – Our faculty members have more than 25 years of experience as art therapists and bring real-world experience and examples into the classroom. Our faculty members have worked in a variety of art therapy settings: inpatient child and adolescent care, drug and alcohol treatment, private practice, community-based arts groups and adaptive arts for Milwaukee Public Schools.

Degree Requirements

Mount Mary University offers a four-year Bachelor of Arts in Art Therapy degree. The undergraduate art therapy program is an interdisciplinary major that requires a strong foundation in studio art and art history (a minimum of 21 credits), behavioral sciences (minimum of 12 credits) and communication and art therapy courses (15 credits). You also must complete the university’s core curriculum requirements.

Complete degree requirements and a listing of courses are available in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Master’s Degree Program Early Entry

Mount Mary offers the only fully accredited Master of Science Art Therapy degree program in the state of Wisconsin – so you can continue on to achieve professional success and certification in art therapy or other helping professions after you complete your bachelor’s degree.

During your senior year, you may apply for early entry into Mount Mary’s master’s degree program if you have completed 128 undergraduate credits. If you’re accepted into this early entry program, you may begin taking graduate-level art therapy courses during your senior year and you are guaranteed admission into the Master of Science in Art Therapy program.

Art Therapy Minor

A minor in art therapy is a great complement to an arts and design, psychology or sociology/behavioral sciences major. A minor in art therapy requires 15 credits. Consult the Undergraduate Bulletin for more details on requirements and courses for this minor.