Mission Statement

Mount Mary University’s undergraduate art therapy program prepares women with the capacity for compassion and creative action, equipped with the knowledge of art’s role in the reflection and transformation of individuals and society for pre-professional employment and for graduate study in art therapy or related helping professions.

Program Objectives

As an art therapy student you will:

Develop strong interpersonal and communication skills

  • Learn to listen actively, respond empathetically, express yourself and learn about others through art making poetic response, movement and music.
  • Build from a solid foundation in art studio, behavioral science and communication classes.

Understand yourself

  • Reflect and connect to your intuition and creativity.
  • Identify your strengths and talents.
  • Learn from challenges and risk taking.
  • Become flexible and adaptable.

Work together with others

  • Become part of a vibrant community on and off campus, collaborate, and build bridges of connection through art and relationships.
  • Celebrate our differences and our interconnectedness.
  • Explore culture and diversity through the arts and see the world through multiple viewpoints.

Make a difference

  • Share your passion for helping and your commitment to social justice.
  • Identify ways you can share yourself as a change agent.
  • Develop integrity and professionalism through ethical behavior and responsible action.
  • See the good in yourself, each other and the world.