Creativity. Versatility. Adaptability.

Mount Mary University’s studio art program offers introductory, advanced and special topic courses in studio arts. You can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art degree, an art education degree or a minor in studio art.

Our faculty encourages you to develop your own unique expression and style. They support you to refine and sharpen your artistic skills in self-expression, idea generation, creative and critical thinking, and concept building.

The intimate class sizes allow you to get individualized attention from accomplished working art professionals. You can take courses in painting, drawing, printmaking, figure drawing, 2-D and 3-D design, fiber fabric design, sculpture, metals, ceramics and photography.

Through art history courses, you’ll also explore art movements through time including contemporary art, aesthetics and criticism.

Interdisciplinary collaborative opportunities provide unique perspectives on the creative process.

Studio Art Major Requirements

At Mount Mary, a studio art degree requires a minimum of 58 credits in arts courses and the completion of the university’s core curriculum requirements. During your senior year, you will create a web portfolio of your work, as well as participate in a senior art exhibition.

Complete degree requirements and a listing of courses are available in the Undergraduate Bulletin (PDF).

Studio Art Minor Requirements

A studio art minor can help you broaden your artistic skills, learn multiple disciplines and increase your marketability in the workforce by learning creative and critical problem-solving skills.

A studio art minor is available to any student not majoring in studio art. The minor requires a minimum of 24 credits. Download the curriculum sheet for more details on requirements and courses for this minor.

Art Teacher Education Requirements

To become an art teacher, you will need to complete course requirements in both studio art and teacher education. Art education majors will participate in a student teaching experience. This curriculum prepares you to be certified to teach art for early childhood through adolescence (approximately grades Pre-K to 12). Consult the Undergraduate Bulletin (PDF) for more details.

Entrepreneurship Minor for Artists

The entrepreneurship minor is designed for non-business majors who wish to learn how to start or operate a business in their chosen field. This minor is an excellent program for artists who wish to be self-employed or run their own art-related business. The minor requires a minimum of 21 credits. Consult the Undergraduate Bulletin (PDF) for more details on requirements and courses for this minor.