Mount Mary University’s chemistry major provides a strong undergraduate science foundation. As a chemistry major, you’ll:

  • Complete undergraduate research projects
  • Learn important laboratory techniques and use lab equipment such as a Gow-Mac infrared spectrometer, Hewlett-Packard 5890 capillary gas chromatograph and high-performance liquid chromatograph
  • Develop creative and critical thinking skills, as well as strong leadership skills

Courses cover the five main branches of chemistry: inorganic, organic, analytical, biochemical and physical.

You can customize your degree program by choosing one of two sequences:

  • General chemistry: This sequence prepares you for entry-level chemistry jobs or for graduate school after graduation. 
  • Chemistry education: If you wish to become a chemistry teacher, you must complete requirements for both the chemistry and education majors. When you complete the program, you will be eligible to teach chemistry or broad field science from early adolescence through adolescence (approximately grades 6 to 12). A student teaching experience is required.


Admission & Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

Mount Mary offers a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree. The chemistry curriculum helps you master scientific method and the ability to organize resources to solve problems. You’ll use active learning strategies to investigate relevant topics and practice your oral and written communication skills. You’ll get opportunities to:

  • Study real-life scenarios relevant to the courses you’re taking so you can apply concepts you learn in class to real-world situations and ethical situations that may arise
  • Build upon your knowledge through guided inquiry exercises that help you understand complex problems and explore controversial issues
  • Conduct an independent research project that helps you explore a topic of interest to you

The chemistry major requires 59-61 credits, depending on the sequence you choose. You also need to complete the university’s core curriculum requirementsComplete degree requirements and a listing of courses are available in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Some academic programs require a GPA higher than is required for general admission to Mount Mary University. Contact your admission counselor for more information.

Chemistry Minor Requirements

The chemistry minor requires a minimum of 19 credits. Consult the Undergraduate Bulletin for more details on requirements and courses for this minor.

Chemistry Certificate Requirements

Mount Mary offers a post-baccalaureate certificate in general chemistry or chemistry education to women who have already completed a bachelor’s degree. Learn more about chemistry post-baccalaureate certificate requirements.