Mount Mary University is a recognized leader in dietetics education. By 2024 all new dietitians must have a master's degree. Successful completion of the Human Biology Pre Dietetics degree  or Psychology Pre Dietetics degree leads to application to the Integrated Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. Earn your B.S. at Mount Mary and earn the the first 20 credits of the M.S. during your senior year. 

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Prepare for a Career Helping People Live & Eat Healthy

The human biology - pre-dietetics concentration will allow a student to enter the Master's program to become a registered dietitian and nutritionist. However, if you only desire a bachelor's, you will still be prepared for a career of helping people live and eat healthy.

Dietetics is a rapidly growing career field. Through a career in dietetics, you can help people apply the principles of nutrition to their everyday lives so they can live a better, healthier life. Discover more about dietetics careers

Early Admission

Early admission policies allow Mount Mary undegrads to have priority acceptance into the M.S. program. This way you'll be able to avoid the unknowns of applying to dietetic internship programs. 

Activities Outside of Class

You can get involved in several service learning activities or student clubs and organizations at Mount Mary. Join the Nutrition and Dietetics Club or help in the community garden which donates 100% of the harvest to area food pantries.

Scholarships for Dietetics Majors

A variety of scholarships are available to all Mount Mary students. Learn about other scholarships available at Mount Mary.

Dietetics Program Accreditation

The Integrated Master of Science in Dietetics (IMSND) is an acredited program. Learn more

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