Justice majors are encouraged to participate in student clubs and organizations across campus, including the Justice on the Rise club and student government, as well as participate in social justice projects.

Justice on the Rise Club

You can be a member, volunteer or officer of this completely student-run club. The Justice on the Rise club:

  • Hosts film screenings for movies such as “The Invisible War”
  • Connects with professional women leaders in the justice system
  • Raises funds for donations to social justice charities such as the Sojourner Family Peace Center, Pathfinders and the Waukesha Women’s Center
  • Provides volunteer support and student liaisons at women’s justice and leadership events for the public.

Contact Julie Tatlock, faculty adviser, to learn more about this club.

Service Learning and Social Justice Projects

The Milwaukee community offers many great partners for service learning or social justice projects. Here are some of the volunteer activities you could do:

  • Help provide interpreter services for Milwaukee County’s Restraining Order Clinic
  • Coordinate or participate in activities for National Victim of Crimes Awareness Week
  • Help with census taking for homeless youth
  • Design a survey for community services to help human trafficking victims
  • Study mortality statistics for domestic violence cases
  • Help to analyze challenges in the social justice system