The goal of the Mount Mary University justice program is to help you to:

  • Understand the causes and impacts of crime, as well global justice, policy analysis and legal issues
  • Learn about rights and how to protect them
  • Understand the justice system, including partnerships of law, courts, corrections and the community
  • Become a powerful negotiator and consensus-builder
  • Ask the right questions about big issues
  • Skillfully analyze and apply social justice and legal justice with the goal of real, long-term change for good
  • Work in meaningful and life-changing ways to solve or prevent crisis-level problems
  • Become a powerful and responsible global citizen


Experience Justice In and Out of Class

The justice curriculum helps you develop excellent persuasive writing skills, great speaking and negotiating skills, ethical decision-making skills, and networking skills to learn from judges, lawyers, victim’s advocates and law enforcement officers. 

In addition to traditional lectures and course discussion, you’ll get to go on field trips throughout the Milwaukee area to see a K-9 law enforcement unit, a federal courthouse, a women’s prison, a youth drop-in shelter and a religious center. You’ll also get to hear from experts in the field in class.

Justice Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

All justice majors are required to complete an internship. Additionally, study abroad opportunities focusing on justice-relate topics are available year-round and are tailored to your individual interests.

A criminal justice concentration is available to students who want to focus on the criminal justice system and careers in law enforcement, the courts and corrections. In this concentration, you’ll take courses on subjects such as psychopathology and juvenile justice, as well as learn methods of evidence-based justice practices and new tools for working in the criminal justice system.

The Bachelor of Arts in Justice program requires a minimum of 53 credits. You also must fulfill the university’s core curriculum requirements located in the justice curriculum sheet.  

Complete degree requirements and a listing of courses are available in the Undergraduate Bulletin (PDF).

Pre-Law Preparation

At Mount Mary (or at any college) pre-law is not a major—it involves taking a challenging curriculum and developing your reading, writing, speaking, critical thinking and logical thinking skills. Learn how Mount Mary can prepare you for law school.