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We know that the working schedule of today's nurses can be a challenge, and Mount Mary's RN to BSN Completion program is designed specifically for working RNs. The curriculum strengthens each student’s clinical and critical-thinking skills. Courses also fulfill the requirements for baccalaureate nursing education required by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN).

Courses are offered in accelerated, 8-week terms, with a 16 week precepted clinical experience allowing students to complete the program in as little as two years. 

*All nursing courses are online. Liberal arts coursework may be completed online or on campus.

The baccalaureate degree program in nursing at Mount Mary University is pursuing initial accreditation by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education ( Applying for accreditation does not guarantee that accreditation will be granted.


RN to BSN Completion Program Courses

NUR 310 Evidence Based Practice | 3 Credits
The study of basic research and quality improvement principles and their application in the practice of nursing and healthcare. Using various statistical and quality methods and metrics, current research and patient care improvement techniques will be evaluated for applicability in the clinical setting. Critique of current nursing research and case studies will enhance understanding of available information and how it impacts the current delivery of nursing and health care. Pre-requisite MAT 208/216/346 or PSY 310.

NUR 356 Technology and Communication | 3 Credits
Exploration of the principles of electronic/verbal/written patient communication and its value in the delivery of both individual and population health. The course will include an assessment of current available electronic medical record (EMR) systems and their effectiveness in care delivery with special emphasis on their value in interdisciplinary communication and information sharing. Documentation gaps, barriers, and legal requirements will be studied to understand the challenges of communicating in complex environments. Nursing students will assess their own communication styles and those of others to increase awareness of human diversity and the need to modify styles to increase personal effectiveness in teams and with patients/families.

NUR 401 Health Care Economics and Regulation | 3 Credits
Reading and discussion of the evolution of health care as an industry and its overall impact on the economy of the United States and the world in the context of changing demographics. The study of modern day attempts to reign in health care costs, including available nursing research on maintaining or improving quality outcomes while encouraging clinical advancements. Additional focus on the impact of regulation and the legal system on clinical decision-making and patient satisfaction.

NUR 402 Nursing Care in the Community | 3 Credits
This course will enable the student's acquisition of knowledge and experience of the nursing process in home and community settings. Topics will include concepts of infectious disease, epidemiology, and disease surveillance and control. The impacts of cultural diversity, social and physical environments and policy will be included in a community needs assessment based on National Health Care Objectives. Students will demonstrate skills of communication, critical thinking and decision making in non-traditional health care settings.

NUR 420 Nursing Leadership I | 3 Credits
The role of a leader is explored in a health care team environment. Leadership styles as well as the power of authority and influence are explored with appreciation of various patient care situations. Strategies such as patient care simulation, role-play, and clinical case study critique will be utilized to enable the student to explore their personal comfort in a role as a nursing leader. Various nursing leadership roles within the health care setting will be examined for their respective challenges and contributions to quality patient care and healthy work environments.

NUR 421 Nursing Leadership II | 3 Credits
This course enables the nursing student to practice their nursing leadership skills and assess their effectiveness in reflective writings. The emphasis will be on increasing the student's comfort in the role of nurse leader while expanding their personal impact and responsibility in health care settings. Student's will also explore potential nursing career goals and prepare a personal development plan toward their nursing goal achievement. Pre-requisite NUR 420.

NUR 485 Capstone | 3 Credits
This course culminates the program and allows the student to incorporate new knowledge and skills into a clinical practice setting unlike their current work role. The blend of past experience with new will be assessed through personal reflection with interpretation for meaning. Discussions will reinforce the need for continuous learning and self-improvement as well as purpose and meaningful contributions to the care of patients and families.

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