Occupational therapy practitioners provide service to individuals and populations of all ages who have physical, developmental and psychosocial deficits. Mount Mary’s occupational therapy program is an accredited, combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science (BS/MS) degree program. Students complete both BS and MS requirements in 28 months after admission to the O.T. program.

The occupational therapy curriculum provides professional preparation with an emphasis on the liberal arts, including biological, behavioral and social sciences. After successfully completing the BS/MS program, you will be eligible for the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) examination. At Mount Mary, you’ll also get hands-on experiences in a state-of-the-art occupational therapy laboratory.

Undergraduate Curriculum Sequence

Mount Mary’s occupational therapy bachelor’s/master’s degree program curriculum is organized around a developmental education philosophy with core expectations identified at each level:

  • Year 1: In the first year in the occupational therapy master’s program (concurrent with your last year of undergraduate work), you will learn and apply theories of practice to a broad spectrum of clients with disabilities. You will evaluate and plan treatment for individuals, and develop a therapeutic style.
  • Year 2: In the second year (plus four months) of the occupational therapy master’s program (which includes graduate studies), your will focus on synthesis of multiple factors in delivering care. The emphasis is on addressing complex problems and developing a professional competence and a personal practice style. You will analyze treatment efficacy and apply occupation-based theory to preferred practice settings. The program emphasizes enhancing evidence-based practice, leadership and responsibility to the profession and its clients.

Degree Requirements

You will take undergraduate courses and complete the University’s core curriculum requirements, in order to be eligible for admission to the occupational therapy program.

After formally applying to and being admitted into the occupational therapy program, you will complete two semesters in order to earn a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Occupational Therapy Studies. You will continue the program, completing requirements for your Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Occupational Therapy after four semesters. This includes a 6-month, faculty-arranged fieldwork experience, putting textbook knowledge into practice. While you are performing fieldwork, you will participate in online distance learning to complete graduate study that focuses on your preferred practice area.

Use these helpful documents to learn more about the program’s requirements:

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