Psychology, Pre-OT Undergraduate Major

Are you fascinated by how people think and behave? Are you hoping to become an occupational therapist? If you are, then the Psychology major, Pre-Occupational Therapy concentration might be the major for you. As a Psychology major with a Pre-Occupational Therapy concentration, you’ll study the biological, cognitive and social influences on human behavior and thought and prepare for a meaningful and rewarding career that involves working with people.

Rewarding Careers in a Growing Field

Mount Mary’s Psychology major, Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration is specifically designed to provide strong preparation for admission into the graduate Occupational Therapy program at Mount Mary. Graduates complete required coursework not only to earn a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, but also to complete the required prerequisite courses needed for admission to Occupational Therapy. Learn more about the graduate Occupational Therapy program.

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