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Project Management Process

If you need a brochure, postcard, program or other publication created, please contact us to initiate the process. After that, a project manager will be assigned. If needed, a meeting will be scheduled to go over the specific parameters of the project.

All copy that will go to external audiences must be submitted electronically (via email and unformatted) to the Office of University Marketing and Communications for review prior to design.

If someone other than the graphic designers in University Marketing and Communications designs a piece, our office must review and approve the design to ensure quality and adherence to the University’s graphic standards.

For projects designed by University Marketing and Communications, we will need the information listed below. If needed, this information will be discussed during an initial in-person meeting.

  • Target audience
  • Type of piece (such as invitation with reply, self-mailer, etc.)
  • Completion deadline (when it needs to be in hand)
  • Budget information (department to be charged)
  • Quantity
  • Mailing instructions (such as use of indicia, etc.)
  • Any special requests re: photos or illustrations


For materials to be edited and designed in this office, we need the following amount of time to finish the project (includes proofing and printing):

  • Booklets – Eight weeks
  • Invitations – Six weeks
  • Direct mail materials – Six weeks
  • Brochures – Five weeks
  • Simple flyers/postcards – Three weeks when working with an outside printer