Mount Mary University faculty and administration can offer expertise and insights on a variety of topics. They are available for a phone or in person interview. Please contact University Marketing & Communications, (414) 930-3552, to make arrangements to meet with one of our experts.


Jordan Anderson
Art and Graphic Design Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3107

Art Therapy

Chris Belkofer
Art Therapy Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3120

Lynn Kapitan
Art Therapy Doctoral Program Director
(414) 930-3250

Melody Todd
Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Program Adviser
Phone: (414) 930-3483


Behavioral Science

Krista Moore
Behavioral Science Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3353


Mary Fletcher
Business Administration Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3180

College/Higher Education 

David Wegener
Vice President for Enrollment Services
(414) 930-3024

Joan Penzenstadler, SSND
Vice President for Mission Identity
(414) 930-3388


Marmy Clason
Communication Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3143

Counseling (Community, School, Clinical Mental Health)

Carrie Smith King
Director, Graduate Program in Counseling
(414) 930-3262

Tammy H. Scheidegger
Practicum/Internship Coordinator
(414) 930-3434


Lisa Stark
Dietetics Department Chairperson
Dietetic Internship Program Director
(414) 930-3464

Megan Baumler
Dietetics Graduate Program Director
(414) 930-3116


Debra Dosemagen
Education Department Chairperson
Master of Arts in Education Program Chairperson
(414) 930-3160




Trish R. Kuehnl
Fashion Faculty
(414) 930-3282

  • Boutiques
  • Trends (local, state and national)

Graduate Studies 

Honors Program

Interior Design


Mary Ellen Kohn-Buday
World Languages Department Chairperson
International Studies Program Director
(414) 930-3271

Liberal Studies



Occupational Therapy

Kari Inda
Occupational Therapy Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3238

Jane Olson
Post-professional Occupational Therapy Program Director
(414) 930-3376

Stephanie Beisbier
Occupational Therapy Faculty
(414) 930-3118


Music, Movement and Dance

Political Issues 

Linda Marie Bos, SSND
Chair, History Department
(414) 930-3127


  • Theology
  • Israel and West Bank (land, culture, politics)
  • Biblical Studies:
    • Textual study
    • Archeology and biblical history
    • Early Judaism

Donald Rappé
Faculty, Theology Department
(414) 930-3405

  • Ethics

Shawnee Daniels-Sykes, SSND
Faculty, Theology Department
(414) 930-3152

  • Religion and Natural Sciences
  • History of Theological Thought


Lynn Diener
Science Department Chairperson
Biology Department Chairperson
Physics Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3157

Steve Levsen
Chemistry Program Director
(414) 930-3307

School of Arts & Design

School of Business

School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies

School of Natural and Health Sciences

Cheryl Bailey
Dean of the School of Natural and Health Sciences
(414) 930-3111

Social Work 

Melinda Kiltz
Social Work Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3261

Mary Ann Suppes, LCSW
Faculty, Social Work Department
(414) 930-3471

Sustainability/Environmental Issues 

Lynne Woehrle
Faculty, Behavioral Science Department
(414) 930-3521

Colleen Conway
Faculty, Science Department
(414) 930-3149