Classes and Schedules

If you need to ask for a change in your course format, you can complete a change in format request. Your faculty member will reach out to you regarding next steps. If you decide that you would like to change your class format after the semester begins, you will still need to complete the format change request form.

Each faculty member has expectations and policies about attending in-person or virtually and if you need approval to move from one to the other (minus being in quarantine). Be sure to communicate with your individual faculty about attendance expectations this semester.

If you have any questions or concerns, direct them to

Seating in classrooms has been arranged per social distancing guidelines; some classes may be in larger meeting rooms; some components of certain classes may utilize distance delivery in new high-tech classrooms; labs, studios and courses with intensive active learning requirements will be on campus per health and safety protocols.

Any courses/programs that are currently delivered on-line or hybrid will remain as originally scheduled. Hybrid courses may have classroom changes when on campus).


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