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Updated September 8, 2020

The City of Milwaukee has currently indicated that all courses must be delivered online at the start of the fall semester. The City of Milwaukee is allowing higher education institutions to submit requests to have an on-campus presence in the fall.

We received formal approval from the City of Milwaukee Health Department on 8/19/20. We are clear to offer on-campus delivery.

Course schedules have been updated for fall to indicate any room or format changes. The Registrar’s Office has sent information to all registered students. Students may also log into MyMountMary and visit Course Schedules on MyMountMary for further information (

If you need to ask for a change to your course format in the fall complete the Request to Change Delivery form for Fall 2020 at

While we plan that all requests for student accommodations were due by Tuesday, Sept. 1, if things change during the semester please be sure to use this form if you become sick and have a need for change. 

Seating in classrooms has been arranged per social distancing guidelines; some classes may be in larger meeting rooms; some components of certain classes may utilize distance delivery in new high-tech classrooms; labs, studios and courses with intensive active learning requirements will be on campus per health and safety protocols.

Any courses/programs that are currently delivered on-line or hybrid will remain as originally scheduled. Hybrid courses may have classroom changes when on campus).


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