Anne and David Falk
C. Elizabeth Fanning
Fashion Angels Enterprises
Giovanna and John Feller
Marilyn and John Fenske
Christine and Richard Ferrando
Suzan Fete
Fidelity Charitable
Connie and Ric Fiegel
Colleen and Greg Filtz
Mary Finger
Helen Finkler
Joan Finley
Patricia Fischer
Edith Fisher
Susan M. Flaherty
Elizabeth and Matthew Flamm
Margaret A. Fleming
Mary and Theodore Flierl
Florence R. Gahl Irrevocable Trust
Catherine Fogel
Carolyn Foley
Foley & Lardner LLP
Nancy and James Forbes
Gail A. Ford
Judy Foster
Leigh Anne Fraley
Anna Franklin
Jessica Frantal
Patricia and Josep Franzoi
Karen and Scott Freeberg
Karen Friedlen
Ann Fritsch
Annette and Herb Frizol
Linda Fulton