Mary Lou La Bissoniere
Susan and Leo La Croix
Cynthia LaConte
Catherine LaFond
Mary LaFrombois
Margaret Labrot
Mary Lee M. Lalich
Lalumiere League
Elizabeth Lambert
Brenda and John Landy
Carole and Robert Lane
Carole and John Lang
Helen Langhoff
Deborah Langkau
Anthony and Lorraine Laporte
Tricia Larkin
Scott and Antonella Larson
Patricia M. Lassa
Rita and Robert Last
Sister Michael Marie Laux
Gwendolyn and Eugene Lavin
Susan Lawler
Karen Lechowich
Christine M. Woo and Robert Lee
Debra and Norbert Leisgang
Barbara and Andrew Lemke
Colleen and Troy Lenard
Mary Jo and Kenneth Lensmeyer
Paul Leshok
Angelique Lewis
Winifred and Stephen Ligda
Mary Lu and David Lillevand
Joanne Limbach
Mary Lindstedt
Ann Line
Jessica Little
Clara and Roger Locher
Barbara L. Lodde
Concetta and Michael Loeffl
Catherine and Carl Loeser
Vivian and Robert Longoni
Susan Loomis
Andrea Loss
Colleen and Scott Lowry
Ann and Michael Luba
Patricia Lucas
Delphine Lukomski
Carol Lulewicz
Mary Ellen Luxem