What is the purpose of the Title III Grant?

Mount Mary University generated the BOLD Project with the key goal to increase graduation of low-income students who need developmental Math and English courses through strategies that support students and develop expertise to reconceive developmental education.  Strategies to support students and develop expertise are combined to broaden access of effective Promise/TRIO and Grace Scholars student support, add new student support elements, and reconceive Math and English developmental education. Goals for the BOLD Project include increasing student retention, persistence, and timely completion rates.

Who Qualifies for Title III Services?

Students who are from limited-income backgrounds and who qualify for developmental coursework are eligible for participation in the BOLD Project.

What Services are Offered to Title III Students?

The Student Support Consultant provides interventional & proactive coaching for eligible students, collaborating with faculty to support student needs.

The Career Development Specialist works proactively with Undecided and Title III eligible students on internship and job search strategies, career discernment, and other career preparation.

Professional and peer tutors are embedded into developmental Math and English courses

Title III students will receive gift cards from their Student Support Consultant for successful midterm & final grades of B- or above.

Who are the Title III faculty and staff?

Karen E. Friedlen
Vice President for Academic Affairs
(414) 930-3020

Jennifer L Kontny
Assistant Professor English
(414) 930-3665 

Sherrie J Serros
Associate Professor & Chair Mathematics
(414) 930-3585

Lauren N Gilbert
Student Support Consultant - Title III
(414) 930- 3515 

Kahina J Holmes
Career Development Specialist - Title III
Advising and Career Development
(414) 930-3233

2019-20 Title III Training Events

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Topic: Trends of Generation Z and Low Income Students
Partners: Title III Staff, Promise Program and Student Support Consultants

Title III Specific Thursday, March 5, 2020
Topic: Microaggressions
Partners: Title III Staff, Career Counselor and Student Support Consultants


This initiative is funded by a U.S. Department of Education Title III Grant. Award number P031F180100