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Learn the business of fashion trend-setting

If you’re into fashion and you love projects that are fast-paced and exciting, studying merchandise management will put you in the room...

MBA student invests in herself

Business student explains how an MBA sets her apart and provides her with more opportunities and connections.

What to Expect from a Food Science Degree

Food scientists improve how food is manufactured and preserved. Join us as we explore the details of this dynamic degree path.

Expand your thinking at a college that goes beyond academics

Learn about opportunities that exist in college to help you embrace who you are, where you are, and to help you build and realize your purpose and...

Learn why students chose Mount Mary University

University students share the reasons why they chose Mount Mary University

4 Signs You Should Major in User Experience (UX) Design

You can apply your problem-solving skills to the growing field of user experience (UX) design. Learn more about how this career path brings...

Perks to attending a Hispanic-Serving Institution

A college committed to excellence for diverse students elevates the academic and social environment for all. Here’s your no-nonsense guide to...

3 Surprising advantages of attending an all-women's college

If you are open minded about your college expectations and ready to succeed, the advantages of an all-women’s education for today’s...

Making connections and feeling at home at Mount Mary: Advice from a student

One Mount Mary graduate shares her best advice for making the most of your time at MMU. Learn from her experience so you can ensure yours is...

Firsthand advice from first-generation college students

Learn how first-generation students forge their own futures

Answers to 7 common college admissions questions

The college application process can seem intimidating, but Mount Mary University makes it simple. Discover the answers to 7 common college...

How to choose a major - the benefit of exploring your options

Not ready to choose a college major? No problem! Learn more about an innovative program that can help you find your perfect fit.

Discover careers in exercise science

If you’re interested in pursuing a path that prioritizes health and wellness, these five careers in exercise science could be right for you.

Get your near-campus caffeine fix!

Need a place to unwind and perk up? Explore our list of student-friendly coffee shops that provide the right environment to get your creative...

Discover MKE: my favorite spots around the city

Milwaukee has grown so much since I moved here in 2002. Music, art, and all kinds of fun activities are now right at your fingertips. Here are some...

Advice for incoming first-year students

When you start your journey as a college student, don’t stress the small things. Advisors, professors and the Mount Mary community want you...

Explore the MMU neighborhood

Learn more about the wonderful area surrounding Mount Mary.

3 things I love about attending an all women's university

Here are the top three things about attending an all women's university.

5 favorite MMU traditions

Mount Mary is well-known for its warm and tight-knit campus community. This community aspect has led to many campus traditions that are carried...

Why I enjoy Mount Mary's small classes

Even before I ever chose Mount Mary, it was never up for question whether I wanted large class sizes or small. Whatever school I went to, it had...

My favorite things about Mount Mary

Here are the best things about life on campus at Mount Mary.

The perks of resident living

Here's a list of the reasons why living in a dorm was fun!

Thank you, Mount Mary

Shifting from high school to college can be a significant transition. The study tactics that helped you excel in high school might not be as...

5 things I wish I knew before starting college

Here are 5 tips that I wish I knew before starting college

9 ways for a college student to save money

College can be expensive - here are some great money saving tips!

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