1. At an all-women's school, it's easier to make friends.
I was shocked to discover exactly how welcoming the community is. It's easier to talk to and connect with students that you don't know here than it is elsewhere. Personally, I've walked up to women that I don't know and sat with them and started a conversation, and most of the time it's turned out just fine. I have more friends here at Mount Mary than I have ever had in my life. I wish I knew before I came here that the community was this inviting.

2. No men, no problem.
I thought I was going to be thoroughly disappointed not to meet any men here. As it turns out, I don't care. Many women here come in having boyfriends or they find other ways to meet them. Besides, people don’t come here to meet men. I'm here to get my degree. The friends you make here can give you fun times, and introduce you to new people, too. I wish I knew before coming here that the ‘all-women' aspect would not matter.

3. It's designed just for you.
Mount Mary exists to create bold women and educate women for their future career. There is a more focused commitment here than just to say that the university wants to better its students. Mount Mary knows that women have struggled in the past and wants to create an environment where we can thrive. This women's university was built for women and cares about women. I feel like the staff here care about me, and care about others, not just about their students as a collective. Knowing this, I would have felt disadvantaged to choose a different school.