About Mount Mary University

Where creativity meets purpose

Mount Mary University is a welcoming, one-of-a-kind creative culture that supports you to explore your passions, develop your skills and turn energy into action to achieve personal and professional success.

Each of Mount Mary’s majors and programs incorporates creativity, social justice and leadership to provide students with the knowledge and confidence to transform their careers and communities.

The all-women's advantage

If you’re not exactly sure what to expect from an all-women’s university, you’re not alone. Many of our students are apprehensive at first, but soon discover the uniquely supportive and empowering environment that’s only possible at an all-women’s school.

At Mount Mary your professors and classmates will lift you up and celebrate your ambitions. You’ll be able to develop your ideas, identity and confidence in an inclusive environment.

Mount Mary women graduate with more than just a powerful degree. They are taught the confidence and skill sets to create a better, more compelling life to live out their education in active, meaningful ways.

Our nine graduate programs are co-educational and are open to men and women. 

About - Women's Advantage

Here at Mount Mary, I got to have the college experience that I had always hoped for. I am not sure another institution could have given a
non-traditional student those same experiences…It doesn’t matter if you are a traditional student, first-generation, or returning after many failed attempts – Mount Mary provides the necessary resources for students to be successful.

Heather Dillon '20, Art Therapy

Join our vibrant community

All buildings on our campus are centrally located on more than 80 acres of sprawling, park-like green space located in the northwest corner of Milwaukee. Here you get the best of both worlds – a safe and secure campus that is just minutes from the city’s favorite attractions.

At Mount Mary you can join more than 35 student-led clubs and organizations. We also offer six NCAA Division III athletic teams.

More than a century of creativity and discovery

At Mount Mary, it goes beyond a love for learning – it's love and learning.

Mount Mary University's dedication to nurturing bold, brilliant women is built upon solid traditions of the School Sisters of Notre Dame that is forever present on our campus. Since 1913, these courageous women have infused Mount Mary with strong values and an unquenchable spirit.

Our commitment to the development of the whole person continues to shine through more than 100 years later. Mount Mary fosters personal growth through creativity, social justice and a solid curriculum for professional success – regardless of your major.

It's more than a campus – it's a community.