The all-women's advantage

Mount Mary women graduate with more than just a powerful degree. They are taught the confidence and skill sets to create a better, more compelling life to live out their education in active, meaningful ways.

According to the Women's College Coalition and the results of the 2013 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), students who attend a women's college or university are: 

  • Reporting greater gains of self-confidence and self-understanding. 
  • More likely to graduate and more than twice as likely as female graduates of coeducational institutions to earn doctoral degrees. 
  • More engaged than their peers at coeducational institutions

Hear what our students are saying


"As a woman in science, it can be difficult to be recognized for our feats. The term "woman in science" itself doesn't feel right. We are scientists. Mount Mary doesn't emphasize our femininity over our skills and minds. We are simply thriving in an environment that reminds us of our self-worth and value. Our campus always feels like one of the safest havens in Milwaukee. The community is accepting and loving."

Nellie Suto '20 | Biology

allwomens4.png"At an all-women’s university you are supported and empowered by your female peers. You are constantly being built up rather than knocked down. There is a huge emphasis on transforming the world and that has inspired me to foster lasting relationships and excel in academics."

Ali Bubloni '20 | Early/Middle Childhood Education

fashion1.png"The thought of attending an all-women's university might seem scary at first. I quickly found out that it is far from scary, far from boring, and far from stereotypical. I love being able to relate to every person in class, to be fully focused when on campus, and to be part of a community of empowering women."

Miranda Fluegge ‘21 | Fashion Design


Notable Mount Mary Graduates

Famous Graduates of All-Women's Universities

  • Politician Hillary Clinton
  • NASA Astronaut Pamela Melroy
  • Politician Benazir Bhutto
  • Child Psychiatrist and Activist Gloria Johnson Powell
  • Politician Madeleine Albright
  • Feminist, Journalist and Activist Gloria Steinem
  • Author Ana Brashares
  • Actress Meryl Streep
  • Television Reporter Diane Sawyer