Bold Aspirations: 2016-2019 Mount Mary University Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan and Objectives

Mount Mary University’s current strategic plan was developed in collaboration with the university’s internal and external key stakeholders. The strategic plan addresses ways the university can best enact our mission and values in the ever-changing world of higher education in the 21st century.

Six strategic initiatives emerged from collaboration with stakeholders:

  • Academic excellence: We will become a national model for the conversion of academic access into academic excellence, grounded in a rigorous curriculum that develops creative attributes in every individual with the potential and desire to succeed.
  • Student success: We will strengthen programs, services and support that foster intellectual, spiritual and experiential growth that moves individuals toward purposeful lives and careers.
  • Financial vitality: We will grow and diversify revenue through investment in, expansion and realignment of academic programs, intentional stewardship and philanthropy and responsible management of revenues and expenses in line with the mission. 
  • Campus renewal: We will build an environment that maximizes physical resources in a mission-focused, sustainable way that facilitates the work of today’s Mount Mary community and optimizes the right opportunities for future growth.
  • Community impact: We will actively and intentionally participate in strengthening mutually beneficial interactions with our community and other external constituencies to advance the mission and reputation of the University.
  • Vibrant community: We will create an inviting workplace with a campus community that is engaged and committed to promoting our mission as well as holding a deep understanding of social justice and the SSND charism.

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