Author: Margaret Dishaw '21

Four years ago I was that nervous and excited freshman; worried about my classes, if my professors would be nice, and if I would make any friends. I was both glad and nervous that I was the only person from my high school that was attending Mount Mary University in the fall. For me, it was a chance to start over, to be myself and truly grow as a person. If I could have given my first-year self any advice, it would be to take in every moment.

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When you start your journey as a college student, don’t stress the small things. Advisors, professors and the Mount Mary community want you to succeed! Don’t be afraid to speak up and talk to your professor, advisor, or other campus support staff if you have questions or concerns.


College is a perfect opportunity to start over. It’s great to stay connected with high school friends, but now is your opportunity to meet a variety of other students from different backgrounds. Your first year will go by so fast and you will learn so much.

I would encourage all students, but first-year students especially, to get involved! Being active on campus is the perfect opportunity to connect with others. Join a club, or create one on campus!

Do not be afraid to be your true self, stand out, and be spontaneous. College is all about self-discovery, determining what your true passions are, and truly developing yourself as a whole.


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Lastly, when your parent(s) or guardian(s) want to help make your bed or set up your room, let them. If they want to clean every inch of your room to make sure it is perfect, let them. I know the feeling of wanting to get settled and establish your independence in college. You WILL get that opportunity, but let them do this one thing for you.

And finally, take in every second, minute and moment. College is a wonderful adventure, and it’ll be over before you know it!