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With more than 30 transformative undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs, Mount Mary puts you at the cutting edge of science, design and business.


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In today’s interconnected world marked by an ever-expanding digital landscape, the need for Cybersecurity has become more important than ever.

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Counselor Education & Supervision Program prepares students for a rewarding career training future mental health professionals

Why earn a doctoral degree in counselor education and supervision? For some mental health professionals, especially licensed professional...

Undecided Major? The Compass Year Program helps Students Navigate Uncertainty and Explore Career Options

Learn about opportunities that exist in college to help you embrace who you are, where you are, and to help you build and realize your purpose and...

Learn the business of fashion trend-setting

If you’re into fashion and you love projects that are fast-paced and exciting, studying merchandise management will put you in the room...

MBA student invests in herself

Business student explains how an MBA sets her apart and provides her with more opportunities and connections.

What to Expect from a Food Science Degree

Food scientists improve how food is manufactured and preserved. Join us as we explore the details of this dynamic degree path.

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Perks to attending a Hispanic-Serving Institution

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Firsthand advice from first-generation college students

Learn how first-generation students forge their own futures

How to choose a major - the benefit of exploring your options

Not ready to choose a college major? No problem! Learn more about an innovative program that can help you find your perfect fit.

Discover careers in exercise science

If you’re interested in pursuing a path that prioritizes health and wellness, these five careers in exercise science could be right for you.