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About us

Mount Mary was first chartered by the state of Wisconsin to grant degrees more than 100 years ago. It was the first four-year Catholic college for women in Wisconsin—a pioneering spirit that set the stage for a sound future of boldness in action. By our students, by our alumni, and evident in the many communities served by Mount Mary.

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Beauty of campus

All buildings on our campus are centrally located on more than 80 acres of sprawling, park-like green space.

Mission and Identity

Mount Mary University, an urban Catholic university for women, sponsored by the School Sisters of Notre Dame, provides an environment for the development of the whole person.

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Mount Mary offers two on-campus housing options: Caroline Hall and Mary John Place.

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Dining on campus

Mount Mary offers several on-campus dining options, from a dining hall with multiple dining stations to a cafe serving Colectivo coffee.

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Clubs and Organizations

Be part of an energetic and passionate community and create opportunities to learn important leadership skills through Mount Mary University’s nearly 35 student clubs and organizations.

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Compass Year for undecided students

At Mount Mary University, we help women discover the major that inspires their creativity and connects them to promising careers. In fact, we’re the first university to offer a comprehensive, one-year program specifically designed to help undecided students find their major and stay on track to graduate on time. We call it the Compass Year.

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