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 Important Update about Mount Mary University Alumnae Association




To Our Wonderful Alum Community,

We share this update regarding the Mount Mary University Alumnae Association and reimagined Alum Community, effective January 24, 2023.

 As the University continues to respond to the needs of our current students and broad alum base, the demand for programming in support of development of the whole person has become undeniable. Many alums have expressed interest in professional development events, social engagement activities, and ways to develop deep, meaningful relationships with our students, faculty/staff and each other. As the primary liaison between our wonderful alum community and the University, our goal is to respond to these requests to the best of our ability, while also honoring the traditions and events that have meant so much to our alums. The ultimate goal is to serve as a resource and support system for all of our alums, while also offering the chance to engage in personal and professional development opportunities, to act as mentors and cheerleaders for our students as well as fellow alums.

We as a University have heard feedback from grads over the years who are hesitant to get involved for a variety of reasons, whether that be time commitments, moving further from campus, or life demands taking priority; the most prevalent however, was the impression that the association was not accessible for all.

Much of this apprehension stems from the perception that an association, by definition, is something one must join or subscribe to.or commit to committees that may be irrelevant or time-consuming to one’s current desires.  In an effort to welcome even more people in to the fold, we are going to be making some changes to the current structure.

The decision has been made to disband the formal governing structure of the Alumnae Association, we will no longer have an Executive Committee, Board Chairs or official engagement committees. These changes mark the beginning of a new chapter, one in which the focus will be on creating more inclusive and accessible programs for ALL alums.

We have been so fortunate to have many alums who have committed decades of their lives to the mission and work of Mount Mary, we are so grateful for all who have contributed their gifts of time, talent and treasure. In no way is this intended to be as lack of appreciation, or to make committed alums feel as though their contributions are no longer needed. WE NEED ALL OF YOU! Your dedication and support have been integral in moving so many wonderful opportunities forward, you have been amazing ambassadors for the college, and your work is sincerely appreciated.   

There will be a number of opportunities to reimagine your connections to the college, to lean in to new experiences in support of our students and the University, and share talents and ideas that perhaps have been untapped thus far.

If you are interested in sharing goals and input regarding our cornerstone events, Reunion, Christmas Luncheon and Alum Awards, you are welcome to join discussion groups at the early planning stages, which will be shared by the Alumnae Relations team. The goal in having these meetings is to offer the chance to share goals and features of these events, that will help the Alumnae Relations team to realize the combined vision of our alums and university.

As we shift to a more open concept, , you will notice a number of smaller-scale events, the subject matter, meetings times, costs, and presenters will be extremely diverse. We are eager to learn more about ways in which our alums are interested in being engaged, what is important to each of you and how Mount Mary can be a part of your personal and professional landscapes.

For those alums who have entered in to the retirement years, we are excited to create social events, centered on community; the relationships that you all have artfully maintained is the template from which we hope to work from as we continue to welcome new and established graduates to our community.

Although we understand that this decision certainly can elicit strong emotions, sadness of letting go as well the excitement to explore and expand relationships, the goal for each and every one of us is to move Mount Mary forward in a positive and socially-responsive manner.

The Alumnae and Donor Relations teams are always more than happy to schedule meetings individually or with groups who are interested in learning more about the future of programming, have ideas or suggestions for engagement opportunities, and those who are seeking information about supporting our students.

Thank you again to each of you for all you have done, and continue to do for Mount Mary!

With Gratitude,

The Mount Mary Alumnae & Donor Relations Team