At first, I saw Mount Mary as this big scary place that was ripping me away from home. Sure, it would be a new chapter of my life full of opportunities and learning, but I felt safer in my bed holding my cat in my room that had been my room for years. I didn’t want to move into a strange room with a strange bed with a strange roommate without a cat to be seen. I was excited for this new adventure, but part of me wanted to give it all up just to be home again. Of course, that really wasn’t an option.

To cope, I began to make up a list of the reasons why living in a dorm was fun. Surely, it wasn’t all bad. Here is some of that list.



  1. Mom’s not here to tell me to do the dishes or clean my room
  2. I live a short hallway walk away from a bunch of new friends
  3. I don’t have to drive to class
  4. It’s an opportunity to have a second bedroom to decorate
  5. I can stay up late and it’s acceptable
  6. Food is cooked for me in the dining hall
  7. And it’s buffet style
  8. I can stock my own fridge and buy a whole cake if I want to and my mom won’t know
  9. I’ll be living with a friend. That’s kind of fun
  10. It’s an excuse to buy more fluffy pillows and a cool rug
  11. I’ll take the garbage out when I want, not when my mom tells me to
  12. I get to decorate my own bathroom
  13. Mom can’t tell me not to wear the same pants two days in a row

It is a kind of freedom. Living around a bunch of women who are also getting a new taste of freedom leaves room for something important: adventure. It’s an adventure.

Mount Mary gave me a great education, fulfilling opportunities and a wonderful community of people I care about that care about me too. I’ll go home sometimes. I miss home sometimes. It doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the ride while I’m here.