Denim Day

Denim Day was established to recognize the frequency of sexual assault, show support for survivors, and educate individuals and communities about sexual assault.

By wearing denim, individuals are making a statement against the 1992 decision by the Italian Supreme Court. In this decision, it was determined that a woman had not been raped, because her jeans were tight enough that they could have only been removed with her assistance—therefore making the act consensual.

This sparked outrage, and in protest, women members of the Italian Parliament wore jeans and carried placards that stated “Jeans: An Alibi for Rape”. The protest turned into an annual event that has spread worldwide and is celebrated each April.

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Get Involved

Take part in the annual Denim Day tradition by engaging with the Mount Mary University social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Show your support on Denim Day by:

  1. Downloading the Denim Day profile picture frame for Facebook and Instagram and updating your social media accounts
    Find instructions on adding a Facebook frame here. To find the frame on Facebook, search "Mount Mary Denim Day" or click here
  2. Posting a photo of yourself wearing denim
  3. Using the hashtag #MMUDenimDay2020 and tagging @mountmary on Facebook and @mountmaryuniversity on Instagram
  4. Sharing with others how you are raising awareness online
  5. Tagging friends & encouraging them to update their profile pictures and to post their best denim day photo

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