Layton Scholarship

The Frederick R. Layton Art Scholarship is a scholarship available to current Mount Mary students who are enrolled in a major in an arts and design academic area. Multiple scholarships of up to $3,000 each are awarded every year.

The scholarship is named for Frederick R. Layton, who created the first art gallery in Milwaukee in 1880. (The art collection is now housed in the Milwaukee Art Museum.) The Layton School of Arts was an outgrowth of his gallery and continued until it was closed in 1974. The Layton Board of Trustees established a foundation to continue Layton’s philanthropy—an endowment for scholarships that aids artistically and academically talented students.

Criteria for Current Students

Current full-time students may qualify for this scholarship. To be eligible for the current student award, you must:

  • be enrolled as a full-time student in an undergraduate program.
  • have a declared major in art, art education, art therapy, fashion design, fashion business (merchandise management), graphic design, interior architecture and design, interior merchandising, or user experience design.
  • have completed at least one college art course at Mount Mary University or through another institution where art or art-related college credit was given and transferred to Mount Mary.
  • have a minimum 3.0 GPA at Mount Mary (applicants must have a core GPA at or above 3.0 and a major GPA at or above 3.0).
  • expect to have 12 to 24 credits remaining until graduation (12 credits per semester, for a total of 12 credits if graduating in December or 24 credits if graduating in May; summer session does not count as part of the 12 to 24 credits).

Apply for this scholarship

The Layton Scholarship review will take place using an online jury process.

First, confirm your eligibility for this scholarship. Submit the Layton Scholarship Eligibility Form by April 1, 2024.

Once your eligibility is confirmed, you can apply for the scholarship.

The Layton Scholarship review will take place using an online jury process.
  • Eligible students will be asked to submit images of a minimum of 6 of their best original work.
  • Work must represent artistic effort using at least 3 media types and of 3 different subjects.
  • Images of details and/or multiple pages of a sketchbook will be accepted for a total of no more than 15 images per applicant.
  • Artwork may include, but not be limited to, drawing, design, painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture, fiber arts or mixed media arts.

When you are ready to submit all of your work, upload it to the Layton Scholarship Submission Form by May 1, 2024.

The jury process will be conducted by the faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences. Recommendations will be submitted from the faculty to the Office of Financial Aid for award determination.