Haley Johnson

Haley JohnsonAbout
Haley Fae Johnson, born in July of 1997, will be graduating from Mount Mary University in December of 2020 and receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Art Education. Over the course of four years, Johnson has gained experience teaching art-based lessons to Pre-K students, middle and high school students, and to the elderly. She also has experience in a wide range of media, such as painting, metals, and sculpture. Her goal as an art educator is to facilitate individual student growth and be an outlet for students of any age to learn and express themselves creatively.

Johnson considers her work to be imaginative realism. Aside from her common galactic imagery, she also creates realistic portraits, animal imagery, and other imagery from her own emotional experiences. Many of her pieces focus on ruminations about the universe, spirituality, and existence itself. Johnson expresses her journey of self-identity, acceptance, and life purpose while exploring masculinity and femininity to express her queer identity through art.

In Time - (Plywood, plexiglass, and acrylic paint 12inx12inx12in)
You Are Here - (Plywood, acrylic paint, copper and silver wire, string, garbage bags)
We Never Did - (Acrylic on canvas 16inx20in)
Loml - (Acrylic on panel 18inx24in)
Bird's Eye View - (Linocut 8inx10in)
Kundalini - (Wood, copper, brass 5inx5in)
Bee Happy - (Cast pewter)
Untitled - (Copper, brass, nickel silver)
Feminine Energy - (Acrylic on panel 12inx12in)