Cassandra Stutzman earned her Bachelor of Arts degree as a double major in both Fashion Design and English Literature. As a creative person, she always found it hard to choose a focus, and therefore decided to follow these two primary passions. In the future she hopes to continue learning, networking, and to eventually open her own clothing store. She would like to give back to her Mount Mary community by offering internships to future design students. In addition, Cassie aspires to publish a book that she has been striving to finish since she was young. Though these are very separate goals, she has the passion to pursue both avenues.

As a designer, Cassie constantly finds herself bored with the clothing she sees in stores. Since we all spend a certain amount of time dressing every day, she believes that activity should be a satisfying or exciting experience rather than one to dread. Her goal as a designer is to provide people with clothing that excites them, speaks to them, and is unique. The age old saying is that clothing reflects who we are, so she thinks what we put on our bodies should be nearly as unique as each of us.