Michael Velliquette
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Michael Velliquette

What We Are Looking for Is What Is Looking, January 11 - February 21, 2016

This exhibition is inspired in part by the illuminated stained glass representing St. Francis of Assisi that is on permanent view in the Marian Gallery. The exhibition’s title, What We Are Looking for Is What Is Looking, refers to a quote commonly misattributed to the saint, and speaks to underlying themes in Velliquette’s work surrounding the nature of perception, sensation, matter, and consciousness.

Color plays a powerful role in Velliquette’s work and acts to convey a sense of optical fullness, or visual abundance in the eyes of the viewer. The labor-intensive nature of Velliquette’s practice is also foregrounded in much of his work and correlates to a kind of studio-induced mindfulness.

Special thanks to Becca Basten, Lauren Kidd, and Maddie Olsan for their dedication and help with the installation of this exhibition.