Pieced Together: Art of Resilience and Growth
Work by graduate art therapy students

April 11-24, 2022

Kiki Avila (she/her/hers)
Sarah Fink (she/her)
Audra-Jane Scholtes (she/her)
Tiffany Blease
Alisia Zaremba (she/her/hers)
Alyssa Trampf (she/her)
Sarah Schelble (she/her)
Shelby Fritz (she/her/hers)
Sarah F. Tester (she/her/hers)
Brieanna Harris
Alice Lei, Sin-Ieng
   Erin Ritenour
Rachael Wuensch (she/her)
Katie Poff
Cindy Townsel
Kristeen Cummings
Thalia Demakes Sheaffer (she/her/hers)
Matthew Pratt
Jaclyn Hofstetter
Lauren Johnson (she/her)
Talia Neiman