Jordan Anderson

Jordan Acker Anderson, MFA
Chair of Art & Graphic Design Department
Associate Professor of Art

(414) 930-3107


  • MFA, University of Iowa, 2007
  • MA, University of Iowa, 2006
  • BFA, University of Nebraska Omaha, 2002, magna cum laude

"The main belief of my teaching philosophy is that my students' success is my responsibility."

Artist Statement

I am a painter that likes to establish order and harmony through repetitious patterns of shape. I am also a colorist, meaning I like to explore color through: vibrancy, proximity, temperature and varying levels of opacity. Typically, I create shallow spaces that are filled with dense, complex arrangements of shapes that ultimately become a harmonious field of information. Repetitious marks, pattern and texture evoke the quality of a shrine due to the accumulation of information.

I use painting as a way to make sense of our current global culture. Painting becomes an act of meditation or a means to transform unruly information into beautiful states of order and interconnected compositions. I like to describe my work as residing in the category of symbolic abstraction. I create visual records with personal symbols on a single plane that are reminiscent of woven tapestries.